What are the 5 Types of Outsourcing?

Nowadays, entrepreneurs and companies rely on outsourcing to cut operational costs and focus on growing their business.

If you are planning to seek outsourced help, learn how outsourcing works and what outsourcing model will give you the best benefits. The general rule is to define outsourcing based on the job to delegate and how the result will be delivered.

The most common outsourcing models are as follows:

Project-based Outsourcing

These projects have well-defined requirements as well as deliverables. Companies outsource them to a dedicated team that can deliver excellent results without disrupting the regular tasks of their staff.

Staff Augmentation

Companies often outsource help because they need a skilled workforce that can work part-time. This model is usually utilized by companies who offer add-on services like outsourced customer experience support services to expand their business.

Managed Services

This outsourcing model is commonly used to hire IT, HR, production, or daily operational support. The managed service provider (MSP) assumes the responsibilities of monitoring, problem- solving, or handling specific backend office functions.

Contracting or Out-tasking

In this model, the company transfers a specific service or process to its outsourcing partner. Meanwhile the out-tasking involves licensing, where the partner gets permission to use the intellectual property of the company. Another means is through contracting, where a third-party supplier manages a set of processes or performs a group of tasks for the client. It can be in a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly basis.


This involves relocating the dedicated resources to another country where skilled and professional workers can be hired at lower compensation. It allows the foreign company owners to maintain full control over the process and delivery of services. It also opens up accessibility to new market and opportunities.

These outsourcing models provide flexibility and optimum growth opportunity for your business. To ensure the success of outsourcing your projects, choose the best-outsourced partner or BPO company in the Philippines.

What Exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is usually defined as a set of systematic marketing strategies that makes your website land on the first page of Google or every search engine. It is not magic – it is purely driven by data, analytics, and tests.

It is not a one size fits all marketing, the set of strategies that is effective on one company may not be as effective on another.

It is a continuous process

People change and so are your target customers. You may be raking sales from people you are finding you on Google, but tomorrow may be another story. Google and other search engines update their algorithms more than a hundred times a year. It will be helpful if Google announces every time there is a change, but usually, SEO experts will just be surprised when they suddenly lose their rankings.

From there, they will start analyzing data again, tweak the link building and SEO strategies and conduct testing before they can get the website rank again. This may take hours to weeks (or even months). Add to that, customers also frequently change their shopping behaviors. In the past they just use Google, now they also use social media to look for products. Add to that, they are now shopping with smartphones.

SEO experts adapt to changes based on the data and analytical tools that they use. This is to make sure that you are visible online whether it is in search engines or on social media.

SEO makes evergreen results

Since SEO experts use information and tools, they also know how to make your website adaptable to changes. While there must be some tweaking to be done, there are benefits that can last up to years. If done properly, your SEO ranking can stay even for years to come.

This is because Google and people have begun to trust your brand. If you are able to become the thought leader in your industry, you will surely rank for a long time as people will search for you first should they need to know information about things related to your niche.